Commit 3ef39602 authored by Jan Hensel's avatar Jan Hensel 🐧
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nvim: Add some telescope binds

parent e57a74fc
......@@ -81,8 +81,9 @@ nnoremap <leader>fA :Ag<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <leader>fgc :lua require'telescope.builtin'.git_commits()<cr>
nnoremap <silent> <leader>fgb :lua require'telescope.builtin'.git_branches()<cr>
nnoremap <silent> <leader>fgs :lua require'telescope.builtin'.git_stash()<cr>
nnoremap <leader>fl :BLines<CR>
nnoremap <leader>fL :BLines!<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <leader>fbs :lua require'telescope.builtin'.lsp_document_symbols()<cr>
nnoremap <silent> <leader>fbl :lua require'telescope.builtin'.current_buffer_fuzzy_find()<cr>
nnoremap <leader>fbL :BLines<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <leader>fh :lua require'telescope.builtin'.help_tags()<CR>
nnoremap <leader>fs :Snippets<CR>
" zettelkasten (some of these also find)
......@@ -90,6 +91,7 @@ nnoremap <silent> <leader>zff :lua require'telescope.builtin'.find_files({cwd =
nnoremap <leader>zfa :cd $ZETTELKASTENPATH<CR>:Ag<CR>
nnoremap <leader>ze :tabe $ZETTELKASTENPATH/
nnoremap <leader>zu :FloatermNew --wintype=split zet update<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <leader>ftb :lua require'telescope.builtin'.builtin()<cr>
" lsp keymappings (per example, adjusted by me)
nnoremap <leader>ld <cmd>lua vim.lsp.buf.declaration()<CR>
......@@ -127,3 +129,5 @@ snoremap <c-l> <cmd>lua require'luasnip'.jump(1)<CR>
snoremap <c-h> <cmd>lua require'luasnip'.jump(-1)<CR>
imap <silent><expr> <c-j> luasnip#choice_active() ? '<Plug>luasnip-next-choice' : '<c-j>'
smap <silent><expr> <c-j> luasnip#choice_active() ? '<Plug>luasnip-next-choice' : '<c-j>'
nnoremap <leader>h :lua require'hackmd'.hackmd()<CR>
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