Verified Commit e200e77b authored by Sebastian Höffner's avatar Sebastian Höffner
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Updating context and JSON ordering.

parent 608b57c6
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......@@ -61,17 +61,20 @@ public class SceneController : MonoBehaviour
foreach (SemanticBehaviour sb in this.semanticBehaviours)
JSONObject jsonObject = null;
if (!sceneDict.ContainsKey(
string name = sb.GetComponent<InstanceIdentifier>().name;
if (!sceneDict.ContainsKey(name))
jsonObject = new JSONObject();
jsonObject.Add("name", name);
jsonObject.Add("is_a", new JSONArray());
jsonObject.Add("name", sb.GetComponent<InstanceIdentifier>().name);
jsonObject.Add("components", new JSONObject());
sceneDict[] = jsonObject;
sceneDict[name] = jsonObject;
jsonObject = sceneDict[];
jsonObject = sceneDict[name];
switch (sb)
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