Verified Commit 61876227 authored by Sebastian Höffner's avatar Sebastian Höffner
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Adding log output to Make build.

parent 095c33f3
...@@ -3,13 +3,13 @@ AsyncIO_VERSION=0.1.69 ...@@ -3,13 +3,13 @@ AsyncIO_VERSION=0.1.69
UNITY=/Applications/Unity/Hub/Editor/2019.3.3f1/ UNITY=/Applications/Unity/Hub/Editor/2019.3.3f1/
UNITY_BATCH:=${UNITY} -batchmode -quit -noUpm -projectPath $(CURDIR) UNITY_BATCH:=${UNITY} -batchmode -quit -noUpm -logFile - -projectPath $(CURDIR)
.PHONY: build .PHONY: build
build: Build/ build: Build/
Build/ | Build Build/ | Build
-${UNITY_BATCH} -buildOSX64Player $@ -${UNITY_BATCH} -buildOSXUniversalPlayer $@
.PHONY: setup .PHONY: setup
setup: $(foreach P,AsyncIO NetMQ,Assets/Plugins/${P}.dll) setup: $(foreach P,AsyncIO NetMQ,Assets/Plugins/${P}.dll)
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