Major changes within backend and frontend.

Roles Structure

Now the roles structure is similar to Metag-Analyze. There are only two roles: Admin and Researcher. On the database side, the permissions table is deleted as well as all the related ones. The user_role table is now user_studies: this table has only the studies in which someone is invited to. Otherwise, the study belong to the creator which is written in the Studies table. A new user_roles table is created with everyone has a researcher role.

New Homepage Structure and Style

Now the style font-sans is applied to the whole backend (no the interview part). The new cards have this new features:

  • Fixed height and width.
  • Scrollable Responsible Researchers and description.
  • Responsive.
  • You can see with a glance how many studies you have left. Right now there's no limit to the amount of studies you're invited to.

New Manage Area

The address now point to page instead of interview.index, since it's not the index of the interviews but a more complete and analytic view of the study itself (most to be completed). In this new top area you can invite users by email address. If it's registered, it will show up in the bottom part of the homepage as a Study you were invited into it, otherwise he/she will need to verify the email and then access the portal. Most of the features will be added in future updates.

Global and general changes

  • Bootstrap as well as unused composer packages were removed. The overall performance is therefore increased.
  • Transferred the Notification into a proper component called in the homepage.
  • There is a breadcrumb function that allows the user to see at glance where it is.
  • Error pages now include buttons to go homepage and back.
  • Many translation strings were added.
  • Updated to Laravel 8.