First big update of Mesort, deployed at .

Many of the updates are coming from the "Treffen Paketantrag".

General workflow

Now you can register to the portal going to /mesort/register. A password of 6 chars that contains both letters and numbers is required, as well as a confirmation email.

We have a better admin area that helps us to manage and check the health of the application.

Files are now saved into the file table, with information also about the size.


Now you can delete studies anytime, but you need to confirm it, and we save the action in our backend.

Every user now has a max number of 15 studies, this will be updated as soon as we define more rules on the monetization and profiling of users.


Interviews accept as many sorting as you want, and you can also create custom tokens for each sorting. Every token created during the interview is marked with the author 0 to be better recognizable.

Each sorting is now saved, consultable and downloadable as pdf in the interview overview.

Now the interview list is in a separated page, and you can download the data from each single interview or from all the interviews, as an Excel file.

Database Schema

Database Schema

Quality of code given by PHPInsights

Code was well optimized.