Commit 8789250f authored by ZeMKI's avatar ZeMKI
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Update login.blade.php

parent 0433acf8
......@@ -2,14 +2,16 @@
<div class="flex items-center justify-center h-screen z-10">
<div class="bg-white p-4 rounded overflow-hidden shadow-lg w-1/3">
<div class="flex sm:items-start md:items-center md:justify-center h-screen">
<div class="bg-white p-4 rounded overflow-hidden shadow-lg sm:w-full md:w-1/2 lg:w-1/3">
@if(session()->has('message') || !empty($message))
<div class="bg-blue-100 border-t border-b border-blue-500 text-blue-700 px-4 py-3" role="alert">
<p class="font-bold">{{session()->get('message') ? session()->get('message') : $message}}</p>
<div class="md:hidden bg-orange-100 w-full border-orange-100 border-2 text-orange-900 p-4" role="alert">
{{__('Mesort is intended to be used on a Tablet or Computer')}}
<form method="POST" action="{{ route('login') }}">
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