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# This file is a template, and might need editing before it works on your project.
# Official framework image. Look for the different tagged releases at:
image: php:latest
# Pick zero or more services to be used on all builds.
# Only needed when using a docker container to run your tests in.
# Check out:
- mysql:latest
# This folder is cached between builds
- vendor/
- node_modules/
# This is a basic example for a gem or script which doesn't use
# services such as redis or postgres
# Update packages
- apt-get update -yqq
# Prep for Node
- apt-get install gnupg -yqq
# Upgrade to Node 8
- curl -sL | bash -
# Install dependencies
- apt-get install git nodejs libcurl4-gnutls-dev libicu-dev libmcrypt-dev libvpx-dev libjpeg-dev libpng-dev libxpm-dev zlib1g-dev libfreetype6-dev libxml2-dev libexpat1-dev libbz2-dev libgmp3-dev libldap2-dev unixodbc-dev libpq-dev libsqlite3-dev libaspell-dev libsnmp-dev libpcre3-dev libtidy-dev -yqq
# Install php extensions
- docker-php-ext-install mbstring pdo_mysql curl json intl gd xml zip bz2 opcache
# Install & enable Xdebug for code coverage reports
- pecl install xdebug
- docker-php-ext-enable xdebug
# Install Composer and project dependencies.
- curl -sS | php
- php composer.phar install
# Install Node dependencies.
# comment this out if you don't have a node dependency
- npm install
# Copy over testing configuration.
# Don't forget to set the database config in .env.testing correctly
# DB_HOST=mysql
# DB_DATABASE=project_name
# DB_PASSWORD=secret
- cp .env.testing .env
# Run npm build
# comment this out if you don't have a frontend build
# you can change this to to your frontend building script like
# npm run build
- npm run dev
# Generate an application key. Re-cache.
- php artisan key:generate
- php artisan config:cache
# Run database migrations.
- php artisan migrate
# Run database seed
- php artisan db:seed
# run laravel tests
- php vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-text --colors=never
# run frontend tests
# if you have any task for testing frontend
# set it in your package.json script
# comment this out if you don't have a frontend test
- npm test
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