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Update app.js

parent 22294c97
......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ Vue.mixin({
message: self.trans('Are you sure to delete the study ') +
name +
self.trans(' and all the deleted data?'),
cancelText: 'Cancel',
cancelText: self.trans('Cancel'),
confirmText: self.trans('Delete'),
type: 'is-danger',
onConfirm: () => this.deletestudy(
......@@ -338,11 +338,11 @@ = new Vue({
let self = this;
let confirmDelete = this.$buefy.dialog.confirm({
title: 'Confirm Delete',
message: `<div class="bg-red-600 p-2 text-white text-center">`+this.self('You are about to delete the study')+ `<br><span class="uppercase">` +
message: `<div class="bg-red-600 p-2 text-white text-center">`+self.trans('You are about to delete the study')+ `<br><span class="uppercase">` +
name +
`</span><br>`+self.self('and all its content?')+`<br><span class="has-text-weight-bold">`+self.self('Continue?')+`</span></div>`,
cancelText: this.self('Cancel'),
confirmText: this.self('YES \n Delete Study'),
`</span><br>`+self.trans('and all its content?')+`<br><span class="has-text-weight-bold">`+self.trans('Continue?')+`</span></div>`,
cancelText: self.trans('Cancel'),
confirmText: self.trans('YES \n Delete Study'),
hasIcon: true,
type: 'is-danger',
onConfirm: () => this.deletestudy(
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