Commit 4e1a9eaa authored by Olaf Bergmann's avatar Olaf Bergmann

cose.c: cleanup debug output

parent 1c02ca83
......@@ -660,14 +660,13 @@ cose_decrypt(cose_obj_t *obj,
p, len,
data, &buflen)) {
fprintf(stdout, "decrypt successful!\n");
fprintf(stdout, "result %zu bytes:\n", buflen);
dcaf_log(DCAF_LOG_DEBUG, "cose_decrypt: successfully decrypted %zu bytes:\n", buflen);
*data_len = buflen;
dcaf_debug_hexdump(data, *data_len);
return COSE_OK;
fprintf(stderr, "decrypt failed\n");
dcaf_log(DCAF_LOG_DEBUG, "cose_decrypt: decrypt failed\n");
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