Commit 19c747fa authored by Olaf Bergmann's avatar Olaf Bergmann

dcaf_address.c: fix type of log level in call to dcaf_log

DCAF log levels are prefixed with DCAF_ and must not be confused with
CoAP log levels.
parent cf58135d
......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ dcaf_set_coap_address(const unsigned char *host, size_t host_len,
s = getaddrinfo(addr_str, port_str, &hints, &result);
if (s != 0) {
dcaf_log(LOG_CRIT, "getaddrinfo: %s\n", gai_strerror(s));
dcaf_log(DCAF_LOG_CRIT, "getaddrinfo: %s\n", gai_strerror(s));
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